INSiTE Magazine would not be able to function without the dedication of our editorial team and our contributors. Check out our page below, to learn a little more about those working behind the scenes.

Editorial Team



Nick KelleyNick, Owner/Editor in Chief, Photojournalist, Videographer

At the early age of seven, Nicholas Kelley began his career in the entertainment industry twirling a staffs of fire and performing magic tricks at Renaissance Faires. By age 10, he turned his attention to theatre where he performed as The Mad Hatter, Willy Wonka, and other notable fictitious figures. Being multitalented with a passion for music, Nick has written, performed, and recorded his own songs. In 2011, he made his film debut as Hobo #1 in the soon to be released, indie horror film The Witching Hour. Additionally, Nick has participated in several paranormal investigations in the New England area with his uncle and author Thomas D’Agostino. When not performing, Nick works as a videographer/photographer and journalist for Shallow Graves Magazine. If you have any questions or suggestions for content,  you may email Nick at


Yvette vYvettes from shallow Graves Magazine with Doug Jones (Abe Sapien, Hellboy)
Booty Time…Yvette Yvettes w/ Doug Jones

Yvette Yvettes (Grissom),Managing Editor, Photographer, Videographer

Yvette began her career in the entertainment industry for over 20 years as a actress and stunt performer and traveled to NY weekly to study soap opera acting and techniques, where she enjoyed several walk on roles (One Life to Live, All My Children), before taking some time off to spend time with her boys. In 2003 after her 3rd son,Yvette started her 1st company, The King’s Feast…a medieval dinner theatre in which she not only owned, but performed and sang. The King’s Feast ran successfully for six years winning several awards including Best Show in R.I. and Who’s Who In The Business World. In 2008, Yvette started her 2nd company, Shallow Graves Magazine. Since then, Yvette has worked as a producer on The Witching Hour and continues to expand Shallow Graves through convention, red carpet, and concert coverage and currently resides in Illinois with her sons, Nicholas, Jacob, and Hunter. If you would like to set up interviews, P.R. events, and anything you would like shared or reviewed you can reach Yvette at

Jake (Jacob) Kelley Shallow Graves MagazineJake, Journalist, Photojournalist

At 18, Jacob is the youngest member of our INSiTE Magazine team. Having had the pleasure of growing up in the entertainment industry has given Jake the knowledge and confidence to tackle many a role both in front of and behind the scenes! Majoring in theater, Jacob has been cast in such plays as “Young Frankenstein” (Inspector Kemp),  “Catch Me If You Can (Agent Carl Hanratty), the musical “BIG” (Paul), and ‘Little Shop Of Horrors (Audrey 2). In 2014, Jake made his journalist debut with coverage of Chicago Comic Con where he scooped Karl Urban (Dredd…Prequel..or Sequel), and this is just the beginning…If you have any questions or suggestions for content, you may email Jake at

(Jacob is currently on sabbatical to attend ISU, where he was accepted in the prelaw program! He will be back this spring! Congratulations Jacob!)

Max LeGault  Journalist, Photographer, Videographer

Max Legault, international man of goofery.  Back in the day when computers and video games just hit the home market, Max learned all he could which eventually led him to a career in I.T. (Information Technology). A musician for most of his life, likes to keep the mantra “Make your life an adventure”. This led to things like working as a Production Assistant as well as an extra in various films (Desert Music Pictures, MGM, United Artists), playing the ArchBishop of Canterbury at the Maine Renn Faire, working at King Richards Faire, being a guide and insane character Clifford Pyncheon at the House of Seven Gables, some fun with costume cons (thanks Rae), learning Blacksmithing, whip making, videography, Judo and various martial arts, a passion for science and anything he is able to learn. Having grown up by the sea, a close friend eventually led him to working on the tall ship Friendship for NPS as aloft crew and have been honored to train and sail on the USCG Barque Eagle, Halve Maen, the Fame, Lady Washington, Pioneer and local friends favorite the “Rum Monkey”. If you would like to set up interviews, P.R. events, and anything you would like shared or reviewed you can reach Max at


Amber Heiser,  Photojournalist, Videographer

Matthew Heiser,  Journalist, Videographer

Hunter Kelley, Photojournalist

Steve Madore, Videographer, Photojournalist