C2E2 2018 Interview With Phil LaMarr

This Man Needs No Introduction…


What can be said about Phil LaMarr that hasn’t already been said by the 100’s of memorable characters he has voiced. Whether you know him from MadTV, the all knowing Samurai Jack, or the hilarious Hermes Conrad from Futurama, this actor has crossed all types of genres effortlessly!

Our own Jacob Kelley was fortunate enough to ask a few questions this past weekend at C2E2 2018 in Chicago, where we found out how MrLaMarr tackles each new experience!

It is nice to see guests at conventions who take time out while signing autographs to make each and every one their fans feel special and let me tell you, Phil LeMarr is definitely one of those guests. He spent on average 3-5 minutes, personally speaking to his fans and answering questions and it was a wonderful experience watching people walking away with the biggest smile on their faces and memories that will last a lifetime!.

We want to give a special thanks to Mr. LeMarr for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for us!

Videography by: Matt Heiser

Photography by: Nick Kelley

Author: Jake

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