Neil Young’s “Paradox” Sows The Seeds Of Life…

I Guess?


When it comes to Neil Young‘s artistic visions, you never really know what to expect. Wherever his muse goes, he follows. So where exactly did his muse take him to create Paradox?

Directed by Daryl Hannah, Paradox features an interesting mashup of music, musicians, and a flair of the wild west. However, the family home video style of filming and complete lack of a story line makes it more akin to The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour than Pink Floyd‘s The Wall. Musical legends like Willie Nelson, Lukas Nelson, Micah Nelson, and their band Promise of the Real bring a brilliant musical flair to an otherwise “out there” type of film. The movie really shines when it comes to the random campfire compositions and footage from previous concerts led by Young.

Reviving old and new tunes such as “Peace Trail” and a beautifully stripped down version of “Pocahontas” (just to name a few), the cinematic expressions that accompany them are quite peaceful and glue the otherwise chaotic film together.

Paradox is definitely odd and absurdly campy at points, but it serves as a wonderful tool for Young‘s and Promise of the Real‘s instrumentals and original songs. If you’re looking for some type of story though, I would recommend elsewhere. Really, only the love of great music and Neil Young can bring pure joy and entertainment to the viewer.

Author: Nick

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